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When you run a business everyone relies on you as the problem-solver-in-chief but who do you go to to get your problems fixed?

The key to making good business decisions is great business advice. With 20+ years of experience running companies my speciality is online sales and marketing. I’ve significantly increased profits for many customers with common-sense, but left field thinking and advice.

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My Latest News, Views and Reviews

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Where there’s a claim there’s a pain
I get cold calls ALL the time... Cold call me will you? Well just remember Mr. Sales Caller, you are herE for my entertainment as it's my phone line and I pay for it. So here's my latest cold caller... Enjoy!...
voyager last shot from space showing earth
Voyager inspiring awe 35 years on
Voyager is still working, 35 years after leaving the planet and at least 11.1 billion miles from 'home' - is the furthest man made object from the Earth. It is about to leave our Heliosphere - that is the furthest reach of the bubble o...
recent website artwork projects
Online Marketing Project
Have been working on an online project and hopefully the results are going to be well received by the client. It's for a piece of Twitter software the client is producing, which has some quite useful features for small business who are...

What Other Business Owners Say...

John Lamerton
Owner and Managing Director
Thanks to Mister Metric’s remarkable ability to improve my website my ecommerce business has seen growth and a significant return on investment....
Play stuart-morrison-_0001_Mike-Mayberry
Mike Mayberry
We know that every tweak and change made to our website further improves conversions, and we will definitely be spending money with Stu and the team again.  If you want to improve your bottom line, then I sugges...
Amelia Sutcliffe
Wow my website has broken all previous sales order records in only 12 days of July. Thank you Stu Morrison and your team at mister metric. Your creative genius and the subtle changes being mad...
Play stuart-morrison-_0003_Ste-Mueller
Ste Mueller
I'd recommend them to anybody that's serious about wanting to get the right results from the right customer for their business. They know what they're doing, as far as what works and you can be sure that your websi...
David Freedman
I'd just like to give a big thanks to Stu Morrison for the amazing work he and his team just did for my website. If I had a website that needed fixing, I'd hire Stuart, which is exactly what happened. I couldn't rec...
Emma Selby
Owner & Entrepreneur
When I first started working with Stuart I was unsure as to what to do about getting a website, I had a few design ideas, but I had no real understanding of how to use the web to support and grow my business idea, w...

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