Why you need a consultant


Over the many, many years I’ve been in business I’ve been a member of many business organisations, from networking groups to business training groups. Many of the better business membership groups, like Entrepreneur’s Circle and the newly formed Entrepreneur’s Network all provide useful information. Much of it is recycled from the GKIC, which is Dan Kennedy, and Bill Glazer’s info marketing and direct marketing organisation. All of these groups dispense advice and knowledge and help the business owner build better marketing funnels.

Invaluable Learning

This type of group is invaluable in creating a better understanding of marketing concepts, practices and strategies for the small and medium sized business, there’s lots of great stuff to be learned, however here comes the ‘but, BUT it is not tailored to your exact needs. Sure you can “swipe and deploy” and tweak the various marketing collateral and make it your own but it is usually the bits you change which affect the outcome of how effective your marketing is.

A lot of these organisations are trying to teach B2B and B2C companies the same strategies and organisations with long sales cycles and those with shorter, almost instant sales cycles get the same generic advice. As one of the leaders of an organisation is often frequently re-iterating “it ain’t what you do but it’s the way that you do it” and that’s where a consultant comes in.

Generic Information is Dangerous

Getting generic info from an organisation that doesn’t know your exact business model or customers can be dangerous, you may apply something that actually harms your business, how will you know? Maybe you won’t until it is too late.

Hey, look, these organisations and groups serve a purpose and if you learn the basics then that is great, learning and understanding is a good thing but there comes a time when you need to tailor the information to your exact situation and business circumstance.

You can buy “off the peg” advice but there will come a time when you need bespoke, expert advice and that’s where a consultant comes in.

A good consultant listens to your exact business situation, then using years of skill and experience to diagnose your exact problems they will then advise on the best course of action. The devil is always in the detail and knowing the exact way to do something can make a massive different to your ROI.

Example of Good Consulting

I recently worked on a project, customer was doing all the right things BUT one page on his website was killing sales. 10 hours of investigation, testing and delivering the right fix for the problem increased sales by 551% in the following month. Now not EVERY situation will convert at that level BUT there are probably many points in your current marketing and especially your web marketing where it is not as efficient as it should be. Wouldn’t you want to know if you could improve your sales by 10% with a few small tweaks?

Well, then it may be time for some bespoke advice for your business, with my 25+ years of business and web marketing experience (including selling my own home, beating Right Move to the top slot), I’ve yet to find a web marketing funnel that I couldn’t improve the return on even if the problems involve a “difficult” conversation. Here’s what one of my long term customers said:

I’ve found Stuart Morrison an invaluable resource in helping us maximise the effectiveness of our website – in the constantly evolving world of digital marketing he is constantly up to date with the changes modifying his guidance accordingly

He never gives the easy or quick answer but rather sees each query as an opportunity to enhance the overall long term impact of the site

We rarely make a decision regarding our website without obtaining Stuart’s input

Mike Johnson, Owner of www.EnglishFireplaces.co.uk

So give me a call, book a free, no obligation slot and we can talk about your problems and see if there’s a way to tailor a plan of action to fit your problems. I don’t do Jargon or guff, if you don’t want straight talking then we’re probably not a good fit if you do want the quicker route to online success call me on 020 8088 8820