Amanda C Watts

Freedompreneur and Business Owner | www.amandacwatts.com
Hey folks, I just want to give a massive shout out for Stu Morrison whom I spent the day with on Tuesday. I spend so much time helping other people on their branding and marketing that I overlook my own business sometimes. I invested in spending a day with Stu and he helped me nail an awesome brand message and my website needs throwing out and rejigging to make it far more about the customer and their journey and less about 'give me your details.' I have more CLARITY than I ever thought possible and the insights this man has is second to none.
I would highly recommend everyone in the group get in touch with Stu and see if you are a suitable client for him. There are some things you need to have in place for him to work his magic, but if you are at the right time in your business for him to help you it will be the best investment for your business growth.
Thank you Stu for a day which I believe will have a huge impact on my business success.
And folks, if you think you can grow a business without investing money in those who know, think again. Invest in YOU. Invest in your personal development so that you are armed with knowledge that enables you to have the best life possible.
You were not born with all the knowledge you need to grow a successful business. You have to learn from those who already know and have been there and done it. Knowledge is power.
Thanks again Stu. You rock!!!!

Stuart Miles

Owner | www.smilescentre.co.uk
Stu Morrison - since your course, ours website now generates 30%+ more organic visits.
Money very well spent sir.

Emma S Green

Proprietor | www.amazinggrace-lingerie.co.uk
I found the course to be exactly want I wanted! An understanding of 'behind' the website & therefore why I would do what I need to do to move my business forward, not what I think I need to do! It was clearly presented in a non techie way (phew) & some simple points to take on board with back up for reasons why! Thank you :)


Ryan Shaw

Director | www.findermonkey.co.uk
We're really grateful for everything you've done so far, and I totally acknowledge that you've played a massive part in our success this year, and the changes that you made throughout the year, so I'm not daft and I'm really grateful and thank you so much for that.

Wendy Capewell

Owner | www.howtochangemyrelationship.co.uk
Thank you for a really great day. So much content, I just want to get started! Anyway, thanks again for your support and a great day...

Andrea Smith

Practicioner and Business Owner | www.hypnotherapyinsurrey.com
Stuart's Content Multiplier workshop is a real eye opener or Internet marketing newbies like me. I went on this workshop expecting to learn but what I got was magic. Stuart knows all there is to know about websites and how to market your business online. His course is a must do. Book on his course and prepare to be zapped and you will learn a lot.


Paul Bradley

Entrepreneur, Owner | www.chilli-tech.com
I just want to say a massive thanks to Stu Morrison, who's been absolutely fantastic, and really helped us with our business. 

You see, the problem we had was we had very little organic traffic, and we had no plan. It really left us frustrated, and we couldn't see how we could build that up and compete with some of the larger guys. 'Cause we're not a big company. And we didn't have a plan, and we were just frustrated, and we were stuck really.

And then we had a chat with Stu and we explained to Stu how frustrated we were, our pain that we just didn't have anything other than paid traffic. 'Cause we were paying for traffic, and we still do now, but other than that, how could we at least build over time those (organic) rankings? And we just couldn't see it. We just couldn't see how to do it. 'Cause everything that we tried just didn't work. 

So Stu recommended content, lots of content. Content that's interesting, content that's fun. But also (he showed us) how to break up the page, the structure of the block. What we should be doing, how we should be doing it, and we've been absolutely bowled over by his advice - boom. In 48 hours, we were ranking for a phrase. And another one took 7 days. And we're just starting to build and build and build. So I'm just amazed, I'm just relieved. 

And now I've got a plan, I know what we have to do, and we're building what we're doing - building on what - we're doing - building on what Stu's taught us, and we're implementing. And I'm really excited with the results that we've seen so far. 

So big thank you, Stuart, you've been fantastic. And if you're thinking of working with Stuart, I'd thoroughly recommend him. He knows his stuff. He's a real key expert in content and digital marketing. And those metrics on how to interact with your customers, and that makes a difference. So big thank you, thank you very much.

Bipin Joshi

Managing Director | www.shieldsecurity.co.uk
I attended the seminar where Stuart told us about web marketing. I found it extremely useful, and I'm sure that I'll be using some of the tools. I probably will give Stuart a call to further the cause, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

David Shearer

Freelance | Project Manager
I found Stuart fascinating in terms of the way that he can make things incredibly simple - very complicated things; and to have a total overview of social media marketing and web marketing in less than 3 hours, and have it all mean something is quite remarkable.
Thoroughly enjoyed today, recommend Stuart's seminars to anybody.

Jenni Kenyon

Owner and MD | JK Accountancy & Bookkeeping
I'm finding this session extremely useful and informative, and I definitely can implement this into the business.