The Carolina Reaper Challenge

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I’ve taking the “Carolina Reaper Challenge”, having previously had the Carolina Reaper on a pizza you demanded I film it, well here it is. Hiccups and heat! Watch, like, share and comment on the video.

The Carolina Reaper

carolina reaper chilli perfection

First published on Facebook in November 2017, penned in a post consumption, heat fueled high. Tonight I decided to create chilli perfection, with a simple flat bread pizza topped with half a Carolina Reaper. Hang on, let me back this up. For those not in the know the Carolina Reaper is considered

The Nasal Lavage

nasal lavage ingredients

First published on my Facebook profile in August 2017, this post is the opposite of “sugar and spice and all things nice”, this is “Pepper and snot and all things not”… I post this as part warning part cautionary tale and part medical advice please people take care. I have been suffering

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